Saturday, December 17, 2011

Inspired Overhaul

View of Sebago Lake, Maine
So I regularly posted to this blog for a hot 6 months in 2007 and then it fell by the wayside for awhile.  I did enjoy posting during those six months but then life just got crazy and I really didn't feel too inspired to write anything.  Well that's all changed.

I have recently set myself on a crazy little path of trying to push the limits of what I think I am capable of in an effort to kind revamp and refine a few aspects of my life.  In particular I am focusing on my health but other things tend to get dragged along, which is good.  I am the type of person who needs motivation, a goal to strive for.  I have set forth that goal for myself this year (2012) and I hope to share the joys, pain, failures, and success that will come with this journey

My blog used to be called Life's Lessons mostly because I had no idea what the heck I was going to be blogging about.  A lot of my early posts had to do with career and workplace topics, but honestly it got boring for me.  My current endeavor has motivated me to revamp this blog based what I am striving to achieve as well as one of the most popular posts I had from those hot 6 months.  That post was about the importance of failure in a person's life.

Now I don't just plan to talk about failure but more about overcoming obstacles, pushing limits, succeeding at what may seem impossible.  My trainer unknowingly gave me the new name for the blog, Invisible Fences.  It refers to the obstacles we place in our own way such as saying "I can't do that" or some other excuse that we create.  An invisible fence.

So I have overhauled the blog.  Deleted a bunch of crappy old posts (no, really, they were garbage) but kept some important ones.  I plan to share the struggles and success I have as I prepare to meet my goal.  I also plan to work had this year to help other people as i try to reach this goal.  All details will be forth coming in the next week.  So stick around, it is bound to be a fun and crazy ride.

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